Marketing4B2B for you!

Our services regarding Marketing and Business Development for B to B markets consist of:


  • Concrete support when taking on new PMCs, when entering new markets or when establishing new distributions structures.
  • Initiating, screening and/or improving a sales process, sales division or the underlying propositions.
  • Large account sales and project development or a chosen niche or product/market combination

Business Development:

  • Arranging an integral Business Development process and establishing integral funnel management.
  • Exploring and establishing a process of market innovation with all required portfolio, marketing and organizational consequences.
  • Implementing or executing BD functions such as Marketing or Product Management. 

Marketing & Portfolio:

  • Analyzing the suitability of a chosen marketing mix (the "5 P's") or the introduction of adjustments to the marketing mix. Establishing the marketing mix, including communications.
  • Analyzing, improving or balancing an organization’s portfolio; improving the propositions and tuning them to the chosen markets.
  • Exploring technological propositions with regards to the own, or to be developed, market; composing and establishing viable technology-market combinations. 

Organization & Innovation:

  • Integral introduction of market-innovations, new markets or new PMCs in existing organizations, and support with the execution of the required organizational changes.
  • Changing the organization so it can face innovation more readily. This holds for the own propositions as well as a changing role in the value chain.

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Marketing & business development for B to B markets