Marketing for B to B markets, ICT markets

B to B ( business to business) markets and ICT markets in particular are more turbulent than ever and choices have to be made on portfolio’s to develop or disinvest, markets to endeavor or abandon, channels to be developed or trimmed down. In doing so, companies have to innovate on the one hand and maintain sales on the other; have to invest in novel niches whilst still maintaining turnover in current markets. Many dilemma’s to be tackled; more so in the rapidly changing ICT and tech domains. This site is about those dilemmas, how to cope with them and how to develop new domains. 

MARKETING4B2B is specialized in Marketing and Business Development for ICT and technology markets. It can guide you through the many challenges facing a company when innovating and developing new markets, yet maintain turnover and business. MARKETING4B2B will also execute and initiate in a hands-on interim manner. MARKETING4B2B has the experience and encountered a breadth of environments, all of which helps you to accomplish your Business Development. MARKETING4B2B has particular experience with and references in ICT and Telecom markets; having worked for multiple vendors, system integrators as well as business users of Telecommunication.

Marketing & business development for B to B markets