Business Development in ICT and hi-tech

One encounters a lot of Business Developers in ICT. This makes sense, since ICT is a very new and quickly developing field. The developments on the technological and portfolio sides are astounding. This calls for constant (re)thinking and the development of portfolios, markets, new PMCs, diversification strategies, distribution concepts, etc. This then is occasion for Business Development as a special field of interest!

Whilst developing views and strategies for an organization’s Business Development, one can distinguish between, among others, portfolio and technologies related strategies on the one hand, and market and application related strategies on the other. 

  • On the side of portfolio and technology there are new developments in standards, new techniques, break-throughs in R&D and instances of disruptive technology. Business Development can implement a strategy that strongly focuses on portfolio diversification and product innovation on the basis of all those developments. In ICT and tech markets, there will often be ample opportunities to do this in the existing and known markets. 
  • On the side of application and market, one can think of developments in which known technology gets implemented in new applications, after a technology has matured because of mass application (consider , for instance, the mass deployment of mobile devices and internet), etc. Business Development can use these market diversification strategies to expose new applications and enter new vertical market segments. It is also possible to diversify geographically or according to the distribution channel. 

 A case in point of rapid change, paradign shift and little experience to draw on, is the 'fabulous four' (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook) of the latest internet rally; 3 of which didn't even exist 10 years ago ! Read the thrilling article on the 'fab four'

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More on BD in ICT ....

We will name a few distinct and noteworthy preconditions in ICT that offer a challenging and thankful environment for Business Development. In this, we will separately consider market aspects and the noteworthy (r)evolutionary aspects of that market. Read more in attached article.

Apart from the above, there are various other aspects to take into consideration when developing novel markets or product market combinations; such as funnel management, relative positioning of various functions and the innovation domain.  
For a further description of these matters see the white paper Positioning Business Development.

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