Developing new propositions

Typically, organizations are inclined to look at and innovate their products. After all, it is our products that we ourselves have fallen in love with. Then again, more often than not our prospects are looking for a proposition; an aggregated solution with an obvious benefit to them on an abstraction level above that of product.

Think about this: Is the prospect looking for a desktop or does he want to get his work done…? Is the prospect after an indoor wireless network in his building or is he keen on providing his tenants with surrounding mobile facilities..? Always dig for the higher abstraction level, beyond products. Often, it is in the proposition that new Business Development arises. A classical example is that of not providing the product itself but leasing or facilitating the use of it as a fully managed service rather than as mere equipment provisioning ! Such simple re-orientations may already lead to novel marketing.

Marketing4B2B has been through many of these proposition developments for product driven organizations; driving them from equipment sales only to the delivery of a integral proposition that lands on fertile terrain !

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