Origin Marketing4B2B

Marketing4B2B has been founded by Koen Mioulet. Koen has decades of experience in ICT and tech companies in a variety of Marketing, Sales and Business Development functions. In 2003 he co-fouded the VBDN, the Dutch Association for Business Development. Then, in 2006 he founded Marketing4B2B in order to provide interim services and consultancy to B to B markets.

Working as an employee and acting as Sales, Business Development and Marketing manager, he worked for many companies in multiple domains, such as

  • General Electric from America in the power station business worldwide
  • Ericsson from Sweden in developing and marketing the - then new - DECT technology in Europe and Asia
  • Nortel from the USA in developing their wireless marketing in the Benelux
  • National laboratory TNO, in developing their markets in Holland

Then, as an interim Marketing and Sales manager he worked in Interim roles for many different Dutch and international companies, such as

  • The chamber of commerce for Leiden, on fiber deployment
  • System integrator K&H, developing new propositions and markets
  • American vendor Powerwave, developing their markets in Europe

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Marketing & business development for B to B markets