VBDN; Vereniging Business Development Nederland

At the end of 2003, five Business Developers from various, mostly ICT oriented companies, joined forces to work on establishing an association for professional Business Developers. They had met each other over the years in the practice of their various Business Development occupations for very diverse companies. Discussing commonalities between them and their respective work; the seeds for an association were planted. In 2004 then, the VBDN (Business Development Association Holland) was established. The association goals are twofold:

  • Advancing the profession of Business Development; in research and education as well as in practice;
  • Supporting the individual Business Developer in the execution of his job and in achieving business success in the environment in which he operates. 

As co-founder of the VBDN and as board member, but also as an active Business Developer in industry, Marketing4B2B feels strongly adhered to these goals. Yet there are still many uncultivated opportunities for further developing the field and make it stand out more strongly in the commercial environments as well as in the Board Room.


Marketing & business development for B to B markets